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Edge Programmable Thermostat from Carrier

Great Looks and Brains: Programmable Thermostat

The Edge Programmable thermostat is an ultra-slim control that borrows style from high-end photo frames. It provides precise temperature and humidity control, and it can be customized to your home decor. It can support HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems, too. Visit Carrier’s Edge Thermostat website


Infinity Thermostat

The Infinity Touch control is the key to unlocking your comfort potential. It’s also the brains behind a Greenspeed™ intelligence system.

As part of a complete Infinity, communicating system, this one control can manage temperatures, humidity, ventilation, airflow, indoor air quality and up to eight zones. If your system includes a heat pump and a furnace, its advanced features can orchestrate Hybrid Heat® system performance.

Features that fit your lifestyle like simple, intuitive programming, wi-fi enabled remote access1 via Internet and Apple® and Android™ smartphone or tablet devices. Additional, filter replacement reminders and system diagnostics make it our most user-friendly control.

Energy-conscious features like advanced smart setback, Touch’N’Go program adjustments, energy use tracking and Greenspeed™ intelligence system management also make it our most energy-wise control ever.


Payne PG8MA

This 80% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) furnace easily saves money on operation compared to older, less efficient models while delivering years of reliable performance backed by Payne.

Payne PA3ANA

The PA13NA unit delivers comfort with 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) cooling efficiency. It’s equipped with our standard grille for attractive, durable coil protection. Or, for improved protection, the dense grille option is available.


Carrier Infinity® 98 Gas Furnace With Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Ultimate Comfort Control with Infinity® Technology Built-In

Carrier’s Infinity® 98 furnace delivers precision comfort with Greenspeed™ intelligence. This is the most advanced Carrier® furnace ever made. Its unique design innovations achieve unprecedented efficiency and quiet.



Carrier Infinity® 20 Heat Pump With Greenspeed™ Intelligence

Taking Efficiency to the Next Level with Adaptable-Speed Technology

Carrier’s Infinity series heat pump with Greenspeed intelligence is the first of its kind. No other ducted, air source heat pump can beat its 13 HSPF rating for heating efficiency. It’s a winner too, when it comes to cooling. But perhaps the biggest story is what it can do for your home comfort.

Aprilaire Humidifier 500A

Dry air can cause dry skin, cracked lips, itchy eyes, sore throat and sinus headaches. A humidifier can help to relieve these symptoms and make your whole house more comfortable.

Aprilaire Air Cleaner 2210

Adding an air cleaner to your home’s heating and cooling system can make your home’s air healthier.

Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Splits

A ductless mini-split system is perfect for areas that are difficult to reach with traditional ductwork. They use an outside compressor and an inside wall unit that provides both cooling and heating.

Evergreen Replacement Motors

Like a compact-fluorescent replacement for a typical lightbulb, Evergreen is the high-efficiency replacement for a standard motor. It uses proven ECM (electronically commutated motor) technology to save you money every time your HVAC system is operating. On average you can expect to save over 25% on annual motor operating costs. Even better, you can use up to 74% fewer Watts with Evergreen when you run your fan between heating and cooling cycles.


UVaire Air Purification

• Powerful UV light kills mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi
• A high efficiency filter traps dust and pollen
• Activated carbon attacks odors and volatile organic compounds

The UV-500C is stylish, compact and quiet… for any room up to 500 square feet.

The versatile UV-1500C can be free-standing, installed in a drop ceiling or hung on the wall and is designed for spaces up to 1500 square feet.

Weil McLain Boiler CG-a8

  • Control module and ignition control with mistake-proof wiring and diagnostic indicator lights
  • Compact design saves valuable living space
  • Stainless steel burners for quieter ignition, longer life, and improved combustion
  • Gas fired water boiler with cast iron sections
  • Easily accessible controls, vertical flueways and top cleaning for easy and quick servicing
  • 83% AFUE